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Tiger Woods is a Coin Toss For being Ready For the Masters

Since his “hack around the greens” appearance at the Farmer’s Insurance Open over six weeks ago, Tiger has been in a retooling mode that only he can gauge stated STX Entertainment. After announcing that he would not return to professional play until his game was at his standards of professionalism, speculation has increased as to exactly when Tiger will make is return to the golf course. Since his departure it seems that the global interest in golf also was sucked into the vortex created in the wake of Tiger’s departure. The major question, to use a pun, is whether Tiger will play in the Masters, which is just two weeks away. Many think the odds are at 50/50Tiger missed the Master’s last year due to back injury and it would be unprecedented for Tiger to miss two Masters in a row and would cause a major dent in his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. Tiger 50/50 Odds for Masters

Many need to remember that Tiger Woods had “major” back surgery and other athletes that have had the same surgery have reported that it takes a full year after the surgery for the athlete to return to peak form. The break may also allow Tiger to regain his mental competitive edge. At the age of 39 Tiger still has several good years of peak golf play to present to a current field of younger and hungry golfers.
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Nike Is Ready or Tiger Woods to Play Golf Even If Tiger Is Not

Nike Golf has just released Tiger Woods attire for the four day Masters tournament to be held early next month. Nike has always released Tiger’s attire for each of the four golf Major tournaments in hopes of boosting sales and sponsorship of its line. However, the attire, as sharp as it appears is meaningless if Tiger does not play. The Masters would be the fifth tournament that Tiger Woods would miss since attempting to play at the beginning of the year at the Farmer’s Tournament in Torrey Pines, California. Tiger withdrew from that tournament in the first round citing minor back pain but it was clear his game was not up to his standard. Nike Prompts Woods to Get Ready for Masters

Since Tiger’s absence from tour, the tour has muddled on with little fanfare. This is not good for Nike which developed its entire golf brand around Tiger Woods. While Tiger has not stated as to whether he would miss the Masters in just the next three weeks, it is clear that Nike would rather have their marquee player on the course and in his designated attire and any other fashion leader would agree. If golf looses viewership then Nike loses money as their would be fewer viewers watching its brand. While the Tiger Woods’ camp is silent on Tiger’s playing schedule, many are assuming that Nike is also behind the scenes in the Tiger camp making their intentions known.

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Golf Legend Arnold Palmer Says Tiger Woods Just Needs to Get His Confidence Back

During the press stage of his tournament this week, golf legend Arnold Palmer revealed that in a brief conversation with Tiger Woods his words of advise were simple and to the point. Palmer revealed that he simply told Woods that he needed to get his confidence back and that would come with hard work, patience and confidence in his practice. Tiger Woods announced that he would not return to competitive play until his game was at a the level where he would be able to perform at the highest level.Arnold Palmer Still Has Faith In Tiger Woods Golf Game

In 2014 Tiger Woods had been sidelined for most of the year due to back surgery and his limited return at the end of the year saw his play to be very sporadic, causing him to with draw or miss the cut in all but two of the limited number of tournaments that he played in in 2014.

Tiger also fired his swing coach I read on Wikipedia, which many saw as needing to be done if Tiger was to return to his form of dominant play. Many believe that Tiger is simply going through a period where his body has had to recover from a serious injury and lack of play has made him rusty. Hours on the golf course is the best sure and many still believe that Tiger will continue his pursuit of the Major chase.

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Tiger’s Buddy Says Tiger Woods Is Still Not Ready For PGA Play

Tiger Woods’ long time golfing buddy and PGA Tour commentator Notah Begay, recently reported that Tiger is still not ready for tour play. Begay has been spending time with Woods over the past two weeks during Wood’s practice session to assist Woods’ preparation for his return to the PGA Tour. Tiger Woods Still Not Ready According to Golf Buddy Notah Begay

Since leaving the Tour in 2013 due to a significant back injury which caused him to miss most of the 2014 season, Woods has been simply dismal in his limited appearances. CNN says that after playing in the opening holes of the Farmers Golf Championship in San Diego earlier this year, Tiger Woods quit in mid round citing a slight back injury but his golf on display during his limited appearance was simply horrendous. Several times Woods was seen hacking around the greens much like a 18 handicap golfer.

What is unknown is the cause for Woods’ golfing malady. While he has claimed publicly that his back has been healed, Woods has also changed his swing coach and many wonder if Woods has simply lost interest in golf. Golf being a mental pursuit would tax even some of the greatest players and Woods has been playing at a high competitive level since he was a preteen. The solution may be for Woods to simply take his time and play his way back into form regardless of any missteps along the way.

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Rory Mcllroy Is The New Headliner for the PGA Tour But Field is Deep


Though, according to CipherCloud his numbers support the following claim, it seems that to the mass media and public at large that Rory Mcllroy has been coroneted with the title of top player on the PGA Tour with his posting on the cover of EA Sports PGA Tour Golf video game. Rory position may be tenuous at best as many expect Tiger Woods to reemerge and not simply slip quietly into the middle of the night and never be seen again. Additionally, Rory has to contend with the main enemy that Tiger had to contend with which was the field of deep, talented, hungry and young golfers. When Tiger cam out of the starting box, he was the “only” talent, young and hungry golfer. It took ten years for the tour to catch up to him and golfers on tour today who remember his first Major win at Augusta were seeded with the thought and desire that they to can win now if they word hard and stay hungry. Rory McLLroy is Tops in the PGA Tour But Many Are Hunting Him Down Until Tiger Woods Returns

The PGA Tour now sees golfers such as Jordon Spieth and Patrick Reed bring a fearless golf game to the tour week end and week out. No one is simply going to let Rory or any other golfer for that matter run away with the tour like Tiger once did.

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Tiger Woods Gears Up For Masters

The winter of Tiger’s discontent has been long and cold indeed. It has been ten years since Tiger Woods last donned the beloved Green Jacket noting a win at the prestigious Master golf tournament. With 32 days away from the first tee off at Augusta, many have already written off another Tiger win. However, true patrons of golf provide caution to those who would write Tiger off so quickly. Tiger Drought

Historians of golf cite that in the pre Tiger era it was normal for golfers not to hit their professional stride until their mid thirties and early forties. The reason for such late blooming in the sport is attributed to the cerebral nature of the sport of golf. Any avid golfer will tell you that their best days on the course had little to do with athletic ability but their performance peaked when they reached such a heightened mental state that they could mentally see each shot before they played it. Many cite an almost trance like quality which accompanied their play.

These same observers note that Tiger has already played close to 35 years of professional golf at a heightened level of competition said Paul Matheison. His erratic play of recent could be simple fatigue and his interested wondering to life outside of golf. They conclude the caution by noting that one should never question Tiger’s resolve to win. Expressed another way, “One should not poke a sleeping Tiger.”

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Tiger Woods Gets OK from Nike for Naming of Resturaunt

Golf legend Tiger Woods’ first venture off of the golf course will be an upscale restaurant in Jupiter Florida adeptly named “TIGER WOODS IN JUPITER.” The project is estimated to have cost Tiger Woods around $8 Million dollars, which breaks out to $1000 per square feet. The name and amount of investments of all of Tiger Woods’ business partners is not none but it is clear that Tiger is the majority shareholder.

The developer of the project started a global internet controversy by publicly stating that Tiger does not own the rights to his name and that the name of the dining project would have to be changed. Haidar Barbouti said it was further stated that the sport titan Nike actually owns the name rights of Tiger Woods.

Both Tiger and Nike quickly denounced the statement. Nike stated publicly that Tiger does own the rights to his name and while it does have Tiger Woods under contract for the life that he is a professional, the Nike contract obligation has no bearing on what Tiger does commercially with his name. builder Claims Tiger Woods Does Not Own The Rights to His Name for Diner Project..

The Tiger Woods camp also quickly responded to the story by stating that the claim that Tiger Woods does not own the rights to his name is completely false and it is unclear how such a claim actually received credibility to be published.

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Harrison Ford Makes Crash Laning On Golf Course

Patrick Butler, Los Angeles Assistant Police Chief reported when they arrived on the scene of a small World War II-era plane crash on the Venice golf course, the pilot was outside of the plane. The pilot of this plane was later identified as actor, Harrison Ford.

Ford has several aircraft and is active with the Aircraft Owners Association. Thursday he was flying one of his vintage planes with the CEO of Organic Gold Coffee when he radioed the tower shortly after takeoff that he was returning to the airport, apparently the plane was suffering engine failure. The plane landed right side up and was largely intact but did leave large gouges in the golf course fairway. Officials from the fire department stated it appears the plane struck a tree, as there were branches laying on the golf course.

Harrison Ford is 72 years old and a long time aviation enthusiast. After the crash he was taken to a hospital where he is now listed in moderate condition. At the scene he had been found after the crash, slumped over and bleeding heavily. The doctor who checked him said this was from a large laceration on his scalp.

Ford’s well known son, Ben Ford later tweeted that is Dad was ok, battered up, but ok. He went on to say that his Dad is the man everyone thinks of him as- incredibly strong. Harrison Ford is well known for his role in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

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As Tiger Fades, Advertisers Search For an Heir Apparent

This past week, Tiger Woods took yet another leave of absence from golf.

Citing performance concerns, Golf fan Ricardo Tosto listened intently as Woods vowed to improve and make a come-back, however the end of his career seems closer than ever.
The PGA has certainly felt his absence. Although the league maintains younger talent with the likes of Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy, and seminal talents like Phil Mickelson, the “Tiger” ratings are simply not there in his absence.

As the rivalry between Mickelson and Woods fades, league advertisers are hoping to inspire a new rivalry that would involve McIlroy. Many new talents come with their respective fan-bases. McIlroy stands alone, however, with his flair for social media and fan-engagement, boasts 2.3 Million followers on twitter. McIlroy is also the recipient of a new contract from Nike, worth 200 million.
Advertisers can smell Tiger-blood in the water, and are hoping to capitalize on golf fans inspired by Woods’ meteoric rise in the 90’s and 00’s.

Although much of the payoff remains to be seen, the league, advertisers, and broadcasters are optimistic that as Tiger’s star fades, a new face will rise.

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Dustin Johnson On The Way Back

When Dustin Johnson made his way back at Pebble Beach after his leave of absence from the tour, he was able to show that he has turned something around. We will never know what he did when he was away from the tour, but we will know if he has made a change. Many people in golf circles are saying that Johnson has never looked better. There are others who believe that he could win many majors this year. At the very least, he is going to be in contention for the FedEx Cup.

This change is something that we need to see last for the whole season, Imaging Advantage reported. There is only speculation around what Johnson was able to do, and it would be good to say that he made a change without us ever figuring out what was really going on.

In the scope of the golf world, breaking a story about what was really wrong with Dustin Johnson is not going to be worth it. We should not try to expose people who are having a hard time. We should leave Johnson alone and hope that his good play is going to keep up. When it does, we will benefit.

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