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How Beneful can Benefit Your Dog

With so many dog food brands out there, no wonder dog owners are getting overwhelmed on what they should buy. Proper nutrition, taste, texture, all of these are key factors in purchasing dog food. Many times dog foods brand only cover one of these areas to their best. Nutritious dog food but my dogs won’t eat it is one such problem I myself has faced. There is the opposite end of the spectrum too. A dog food my dogs love but it has poor nutritional ingredients. So where does a dog owner turn?

One such brand can encompass all a dog owners wants and needs for their companion. Beneful is a leader in the dog food industry. I as well as many other pet owners decide to use Beneful as our top pick for many reasons. First and foremost the nutritional balance it provides. Packed with all the goodness your dog needs to lead a happy healthy life. Real vegetables are used in the making of Beneful dog food. So when I see pictures of carrots and beans on their package, I know that’s because those ingredients actually do exist in the food. Not only does Beneful provide nutrition, but it has over twenty varieties each of both dry and wet dog food. If your dogs are picky like mine then fear not. There’s so many flavors to choose from you can’t go wrong. Add that they are packed with the ingredients your dogs need and you have a winner!

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I Stopped Using Free Wifi, And I Got A FreedomPop Hotspot

I love using wifi hotspots. I’ll find any restaurant that I know has free wifi, and I’ll even sit in the parking lot, just so I can get on the Internet for free. I didn’t mind having to pay for a hotspot, but all of the companies that sold it in my area, their prices were just too high. I continuously would go from restaurant to restaurant, just so I could have free wifi for my device. I was a little bit ashamed of the fact that I was constantly using free wifi, especially if I didn’t eat in the restaurant or shop in the store that was giving me free wifi.

I annoyed my friend one day when I asked her to stop at a restaurant so I could use the wifi, and after sitting in the hot sun for half an hour using the wifi, she got upset and drove off. I knew that it was time for me to get my own wifi hotspot. I use the Internet a lot because I have a website that I’m trying to maintain, and I’m constantly checking to see what responses have been left about the blogs that I put up. I wanted a wifi hotspot, but I didn’t want the high price.

I had to search around on Wikipedia, but I came across FreedomPop services, and it seemed as if their wifi hotspots were as good as any other. Their hotspots were 4G, they were reliable, and I would have my own secure network. The one thing I can’t say when I’m using the free wifi, is that it’s secure. I decided I was going to get the hotspot for myself, and I went ahead and got it. The FreedomPop hotspot was very simple to set up, and it’s small enough that I can carry it anywhere with me.

No longer do I need to fit in anyone’s parking lot to use their free wifi because now I have my own. If I’m out with my friends and I need to take time to check my website, I just go to any corner of a room, or maybe I’ll go sit under a tree, and I can still have a wifi connection. I love my hotspot, and FreedomPop has great Internet service. The fact that I have lightning fast speeds anywhere I go, it really makes me love FreedomPop even more. Anyone having problems with using free wifi anywhere, they should just get their own hotspot from FreedomPop.

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Joseph Bismark and the Marriage of Spirituality and Business

I consider myself a spiritual person and I am considering starting up my own business due to being one of those that was at the bottom during the economic downturn. In my browsing I started stumbling across articles about Joseph Bismark. One of the aspects of this guy that has stood out to me is that he incorporates spirituality into the way he runs businesses. He is described as a positive and spirited person serving on the Board of Directors in the QI Group. With his spiritual practices, he has showed them how to be at the top of the ladder with the use of spirituality. 

I found his entrepreneurship very powerful as described in this article in which I found at a blog called Just Judy and her Dog. He has been helpful to millions when it comes to making huge profits. He sees the potential for extraordinary things in everyone. His time spent as a monk has taught him a lot of things about life and spirituality. After returning home from his life as a monk, he has decided to take his spirituality into the corporate world where many people would say it doesn’t belong. He has proven that spirituality is not only good for business, but it actually enhances businesses and takes them to the next level. 

He understands the value of many virtues that are considered useless in the business world. Among the virtues that are valued in the business world are humility and a sense of being grounded. After all, one must keep himself in check in order to have continued success. I myself have learned that the hard way.

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An Undercover Cop Got A Big Surprise

When an undercover cop went out to see how people would treat him when he posed as a disabled man in Vancouver, he was surprised by the results of his research. Instead of being taken advantage of, he was treated handy by everyone that he came into contact with during that time. The people that he met treated him well, and some of them even gave him money.
The undercover cop went into the project thinking that people were going to try to take advantage of him. He thought that he was going to encounter some people who were anything but kind, but what he saw was the exact opposite. He got a nice surprise.
News like this is so hopeful. It proves to us that there are still good people in the world. Not everyone out there is just looking out for themselves, but instead there are people who still care about others.

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The PGA Makes a Move On Donald Trump

When Donald Trump made his comments about Mexican immigrants being nothing but murderers and rapists, his was quickly met with opposition from some very prominent companies. According to Ivan Ong NBC severed ties with Trump, ending their relationship with the Donald and his beauty pageants and Apprentice television show. Macy’s removed all the clothing line from Trump, and commented how they disagree with comments about Mexican immigrants. The PGA discussed Trump too, but the tone is slightly different than you might think.

When the Golf Channel reached out to the PGA for comment about Trump, they seemed to dance around the subject, saying Trump is entitled to his opinion as he runs for office. The reason for the softer comments is obvious to anyone who follows golf. The PGA is heavily invested in Trump and his 15 professional golf courses. In fact, a few major tournaments are scheduled to be played on Trump courses in the near future. The PGA is waiting to see how severe the backlash before they take a stance.

The PGA can learn from the NFL, who waited while sponsors began distancing themselves from Adrian Peterson. After enough outcry, the NFL stepped up. The PGA has a lot to lose by severing ties with Trump. The PGA obviously is going to see how sponsors feel about Trump and his comments about the Mexican community. If enough major sponsors begin pulling out, the PGA will have to step up as well and take action too.

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Unlike any Other

A fifty-nine year old golfer in Virginia recently posted three hole-in-ones in a single round of an amateur tournament. This is one of the most miraculous golf rounds I have ever heard. Golf, unlike any other game, allows an amateur playing in a local tournament to make national news. When does someone scoring fifty points in a pick up basketball game make the news? It just doesn’t happen, but golf is a game so challenging that the door is open for anybody to achieve something remarkable on any day. The true mark of perfection in golf would be 18 hole-in-one’s in a round, but that is so far away from what even the highest level of players can accomplish. Many golfers go a lifetime without ever making a hole-in-one. Yet, on a single day in Virginia a previously unknown man seemed to break in just a little closer to that perfect mark said Ivan Ong. And that is definitely newsworthy. Golf is a game unlike any other and this was an accomplishment unlike any other. Swing on golfing world, you might be the one to make four hole-in-one’s in a round.

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Professional Golfer Phil Mickelson Illegal Gambling Troubles

Phil Mickelson is no stranger to being investigated for gambling issues with the PGA. He was reprimanded by officials at the PGA recently for betting $500 that a player could sink a shot from a bunker. The latest allegations however are a little more troublesome, linking the five-time major winner to an illegal gambling handicapper and a deposit of over $2.75 million dollars.

The handicapper had pleaded guilty of laundering money between 2010 – 2013 from unnamed sources. The client who this handicapper was involved with had not been known, until today. Sources reveal that Phil Mickelson may have transferred the $2.75 million dollars to the handicapper, Silveira, for the purpose of laundering the money. The purpose of moving the money was to be though for the purpose of illegal gambling.

While Phil Mickelson is currently not under investigation nor have any charges been filed against him, these charges could be in the near future reports Igor Cornelsen. Although the claims are that Phil only had the money transferred and not concealed, charges could still be awaiting. Only last year the professional golfer was linked to criminal investigation involving investors and sports gamblers.

Although Phil was cleared of any charges from the FBI, the latest allegations could spell big trouble for the star who seems to have fallen out of grace with fans lately. The investigation is still underway with Silveria, but sources say that Phil Mickelson could be a bigger player than many first believe.

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Johnson Finds Solace in Son After Devastating Setback

Dustin Johnson may not have won the US Open, but, according to many eyewitnesses (–open-slips-away-painfully-from-dustin-johnson-043724392.html) he did find solace in seeing his family after the loss.

Dustin Johnson was at a loss for words after his devastating three putt cost him the 2015 US Open on Father’s Day stated Paul Mathieson. Johnson made a brilliant approach shot at Chambers Bay on the par four 18. The course had become famous (or infamous depending who you spoke to) for its nearly impossible to approach greens. The best golfers in the world were stymied when a fantastic shot would hover near the hole then, inexplicably, begin to move away from the whole then off the green entirely. Johnson’s shot threatened to do just that as it rolled slowly near the whole but stayed. All that stood between Johnson and US Open glory was a ten foot putt.

Just minutes before, this year’s Jordan Spieth had made a similar approach for a seemingly easy eagle putt. He missed the eagle opportunity but made his birdie putt to put him at 5 under for the championship. Johnson’s eagle putt was not much longer than Spieth’s and just like Spieth he missed the opportunity to close for an eagle on 18. BUt then, unlike Speith, Johnson missed his short putt for birdie to force an 18 hole play-off for the next day.

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Is Jordan Spieth the New Tiger Woods?

Alexei Beltyukov said that if you didn’t know the name Jordan Spieth before this weekend, you know who he is now. This 21 year old kid from Dallas has won the second leg of the golfing Grand Slam, and is being spoken about alongside the god of golf, Tiger Woods. The golfing world has not been able to let go of the Tiger Woods love they have, but Jordan is slowly making it easier for them to change their focus.

In recent years, Tiger Woods has gone from golfing god to average player. Jordan Spieth has been on a historic rise, winning two majors in 2015, and in a great position to win the other two if the field does not start playing better. Jordan won the 2015 US Open this weekend, and is being talked about with other legends in the golfing world.

Jordan became the youngest player in a century to win two majors while he was 21 years old. He is one of 6 players in 115 years to win both the Masters and US Open the same year. He hold several golf records this year, most of which were held by Tiger Woods at one point. At 21 years old, he is 20 years younger than Tiger an in a great position to top many of those records that were once though unattainable.

If you loved Tiger Woods at his prime, you might be witnessing a young phenom who is poised to make and break golfing records at a blistering pace.

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FOX Sports Coverage of US Open Has Some Fans Up In Arms

When Fox was first awarded the contract to broadcast the U.S. Open Golf Championship, hardline golf fans were shocked that NBC let the broadcast bid get away from them. The fans were even more shocked that Fox was the winning bidder. Fox Broadcast of U.S. Open A work In Progress Fox simply does not have the history of covering golf and NBC had perfected the craft of broadcasting the U.S. Open to the point that many golf fans have not known a time when NBC did not broadcast the event.

This past weekend’s broadcast by Fox proved many hardline fans who use Skout right. The first day of broadcast by Fox was simply horrible. The graphics did not work and the commentators seemed to not know who many of the golfers were. Additionally, many golf fans noted that the camera views of the golf shots seemed choppy and the camera action was not fluid. Fox got its act together and the next three days of broadcast were better but many fans were shocked that Fox still seemed to have a steep learning curve.

To Fox’s credit, the innovative micro phone in the bottom of the putter cup picked up some very interesting dialogue from golfers that television fans would never hear. What saved Fox in the end was the actual compelling play of the players and the actual sense Fox commentators had not to talk through the dramatic points of the action.

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