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Atlanta Fans Are Excited About The Hawks Upcoming Season

The NBA season will soon open training camp for another season. At this time of the year, fans of every team are extremely excited about what could happen this year. One city that is particularly psyched up this year is Atlanta. The Hawks finished strong last year and have a new ownership group running the team. The fans in Atlanta have been waiting an exceptionally long to get a sweet taste of winning it all. There are many in town who think this year could be the year. The Hawks have a stable team that were 60-20 last year. That’s one great season that could only be exceeded by winning it all.

The management of the Hawks has traded hands in the past year. The team was run by Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Spirit LLC from 2004 to January of 2015. Levenson and his team were shrewd business operators who built the franchise up. They fielded decent teams that won their share of games. Levenson sold the team to a group led by Grant Hill and Tony Ressler for $850 million. Ressler has stated that he’s a behind the scenes sort of manager, similar to how Levenson was. Neither man is particularly flashy in the way they do business. That suits a town like Atlanta in many ways. The fans of Atlanta have not bonded with the Hawks the way cities like Boston and Los Angeles have with their teams. The fans are looking for a winner to bring them and the team closer together.

Levenson was unable to win a championship during his tenure with the team, but the franchise did amass enormous value. Ressler, who is an investor, will probably also look to increase profitability. In the NBA, it generally takes marquee players to do that. Lebron James is an example of a player who adds many millions of dollars to a franchise by playing there. Whether the Hawks will make a play for a standout player in the draft or free agency remains to be seen. These type of players never come cheap. With Ressler’s resources, it could be a possibility. Grant Hill could certainly give a lot of input in that area. He was considered to be one of the best players in the NBA, up until his retirement in 2013. That experience is fresh enough that he could make valuable assessments of players to this day. It’s assumed Hill and Ressler will be looking for a franchise player to build the team around. If they do, chances are good attendance will soar. All of this remains to be seen, but the speculation seems realistic in light of what’s going on with the Hawks. They could make a real run at the Championship in the next few years if the owners are committed to winning. They can probably make a lot of profit without a Championship, but a crown would put them in a whole new category quickly. Championships add instant equity to a team’s overall value.

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Contributions Made By Bruce Levenson To Guarantee the Success of Atlanta Hawks

The game of basketball has seen many people have a meaningful life by earning from the game. Different companies have invested hugely in helping and managing basketball teams. The success of a team depends on its players, management and other stakeholders. With the popularization of the game in the United States, talented players are sourced from the different schools and eventually, move into professional playing where they depend on the sport to make a living. The Atlanta Hawks is the official Atlanta, Georgia national basketball team. The team is a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Atlanta Hawks has been eliciting different entrepreneurs to purchase it owing to its growing market value created by its success in basketball. The team is currently owned by Antony Ressler who purchased it at $850 million. Prior to the sale, the Atlanta Hawks has been under the management of Bruce Levenson who has been instrumental in steering the basketball team to success. The minority shareholders of the club together with Levenson made a decision to sell 100% of their shareholdings of the entity. In order to realize the sale of the basketball club, the NBA has categorically stated that Atlanta Hawks must remain in Atlanta. The mayor of Atlanta City has offered incentives to the prospective owner of the club to keep it in the City for the next 30 years.

In 2004, a group of executives known as the Atlanta Spirits LLC bought the team. The group of executives was instrumental in making the team achieve consecutive success through adoption of innovative and experienced management personnel. Bruce Levenson brought in a skilled management team that continues to push the hawks to their success even after his departure. The team’s CEO is Steve Koonin and the coach is Mike Budenholzer. Currently, the team has three sets of uniform. The first uniform is gray is color, another is red and the last one has a volt green color. The change in management has resulted to the changes brought to the team. The players are motivated by the change in management and are deemed to perform better in the basketball competitions.

Bruce Levenson was born and raised in Washington D.C. He attended the Washington University for his undergraduate law degree. He got interested in journalism and started working for Washington Star. Levenson later co-founded United Communication Group, an information center that writes and publishes on varying topics that pertains to mortgage banking, energy, telecommunication, healthcare and technology.

Bruce joined a group of business men to form the Atlanta Spirits LLC, which later changed its name to Atlanta Hawks LLC. The firm under the leadership of Bruce bought the Atlanta Hawks NBA team from Turner Broadcasting. Ever since joining the team’s management, Bruce has attended all home and away games.

He recently accompanied the team to the Holocaust Museum. At the museum, he introduced his mother in law, who is a former Holocaust survivor. Bruce has since sold his shares of the national team to concentrate on banking. However, he still sits on the board of the National Basketball Association.

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NBA History

Few sports fans like to delve into the history of their favorite sport. Most are interested in the present and not the past. However, there are a few facts that even the most fanatical basketball fan might not know about. Certainly, on learning just a bit about the history of the game will help to create a deeper appreciation of the sport. Now, here is something that might surprise most NBA fans. Certainly, most fans think of basketball as an American sport. However, the game was invented by a Canadian physical fitness instructor.

NBA Games
The first basketball games were not played by professional sports teams. The first basketball games were played by a group of athletes that were looking for an easy way to stay in shape during the winter. The game’s popularity continued to grow across the country. Soon, the YMCA and the Army were on board with the game. The game’s popularity quickly spread to other countries too. It is interesting to note that the first professional basketball league only had 6 teams back in 1898. Since that time the game has grown and expanded considerably. The popularity of the game continues to grow, thanks to individuals behind the scenes like NBA owner, Bruce Levinson.

NBA Team Owner
NBA fans are probably familiar with Bruce Levinson. He is a successful businessman and owner of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team. Big news was released recently about the Atlanta Hawks changing ownership. Some fans were surprised, while others saw it coming.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. New changes are always coming to the NBA. The changes help to build excitement and interest in the NBA teams.

The new owners are eager to work with the team and look forward to a bright future and winning championships. Certainly, they have a number of big plans for the Atlanta Hawks. There were rumors surfacing about the practice facility. They want to change the facility to a more appropriate one for a top NBA team. They believe that making changes like that will helpl to attract more free agents.

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Investment Banking: Back Office Activities

It is very important to go into another important office at a large investment banking firm. The back office deals with all of the technical workings of the investment banking firms. It is important for these technical pieces of a bank to be working properly so that all of the transactions can be handled properly. If systems are not working properly, then this could lead to errors in the processing of transactions which could also lead to some confusion as it relates to financial matters of the client and the investment firm. It is important to be able to avoid this confusion. At the same time, if there is any confusion then the best thing to do would be to take the best steps to correct it.

With Operations, the data of the trades is checked for accuracy so that there are no errors. They also make sure that the transactions involving transfers that are required are complete. In many banks the operations are outsourced to freelancers. One of the interesting developments with technology is that it allows for certain jobs to be outsourced to professionals that are better equipped for the task. This saves money for the investment bank. Even with the outsourcing of the task, it is considered very important to the functioning of the investment bank.

The technology department is also very important for the investment firm. Many firms have a lot of software developed in house by the team involved with technology. The team also provides technical support in the case that something goes wrong with the software. There have been a lot of innovative developments in technology for investment firms in recent years. Among the most important and innovative developments in technology is the ability to do electronic trading transactions. This makes it more convenient for clients.

While the back office seems to be the least complex of all of the offices, it does still play an important role to the activities of investment banking. For one thing, a lot of activities done between the client and the investment bank are done online. If there is a problem with the software, then the client will not be able to access his account online until this issue is resolved. This is an example of how technology is important for the business of the investment firm. Technology has definitely changed the face of handling finances over the recent years.

One person who was able to adapt his business with the development and advancement of technology is Kenneth Griffin, founder of Citadel, which is one of the largest investment banking firms in the industry. He make sure that the technology is working properly at his bank. He runs his bank with the greatest talent. He also makes sure that his company focuses on research so that they can come up with some great investment ideas. Kenneth Griffin is one of the greatest minds of finance. Kenneth began his trading activities at the dorm room of Harvard. He has made a lot of contributions to the improvement of the lives of others.

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Bruce Levenson shows how charity can be simple to contribute to

Bruce Levenson is probably best known as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise the Atlanta Hawks, but he is also a successful businessman and philanthropist. The sale of the hawks franchise may be bringing to an end the sporting life of Levenson, but his impact on the NBA has been undeniable in terms of the philanthropic and charitable work he has completed. Known around the US as one of the most famous philanthropists in North America, Levenson and his wife Karen have been working to enhance the profile of a number of basketball and non basketball based charities throughout recent years.

Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit consortium have spent a large amount of time seeking out the perfect buyer for the Hawks, which has seen them complete the sale of the both the NHL team they bought with the Hawks. Not only does the success of the Hawks, who appeared in the 2015 NBA playoffs as the number one seed, but also their high quality business skills. The Atlanta Spirit consortium headed by Levenson has made a large profit over the course of their ownership of the Hawks and Thrashers franchises, which saw the Thrashers franchise sold to a Canadian consortium who were interested in moving the team north of the border.

Bruce Levenson led the United Communications Group and a small number of other companies to make his fortune and allow him to take part in the Atlanta Hawks buyout. The UCG company has spent a large amount of time moving from being a newsletter for the oil and gas industry to a real time analytics provider across many different industries. The business sense of Levenson has led to him becoming a major factor in the choices made by the NBA, which Levenson served as an integral member of the board of governors.

Throughout his time with the Hawks Levenson has been important in making sure the franchise has a strong presence in the local community and that of the entire US nation. Community links are important to Levenson who has spent much of his career making sure his home regions of Maryland and Washington DC benefit from the success he has achieved as a business leader. Not only does Levenson make sure the Atlanta area is served during his leadership of the Hawks he has also made sure the greater community is served by the Hawks publicizing the opening of the US Holocaust Museum and many other good causes.

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The Importance of Technology in Business


Over the past couple of decades, the landscape of business has been radically changed due to technology. Almost every business industry in the world today is much more different than it was just ten or twenty years ago. A business must be flexible and understand the importance of technology in order to survive over the long term. There are many businesses that were once great that simply could not embrace the change. Large and well known companies like Time Magazine continue to decline because they have not been able to embrace the change. Technology is one of the most essential aspects of business over the long term. At the end of the day, investing in technology and research is one of the best ways that any business can use their funds. Here are several reasons why technology is so important in business.

Improve Profits

One of the biggest drivers behind the growth of the technology sector in business the fact that good technology should improve the profitability of the company. There are many manufacturing companies that have been able to radically increase their profits due to machines and automation. Over the long term, this can then be used to purchase more research and development to become even more profitable. There are many ways in which this can benefit the economy as a whole as well. However, one side effect is that there is generally a group of people that are left behind due to a lack of education or skills. This is important to remember, and in general the faster the technology change the more people are left behind from an employment stand point.

Customer Experience

Another great benefit of increased technology in business is the improved customer experience that is offered by better overall technology. Things like smart phones were not even thought of by customers just ten years ago. Now, many people cannot go a couple of hours without looking at their phone. This is a great example of just how a large change in technology can disrupt an entire sector and the companies within it.

Shaygan Kheradpir

There are many ways in which people can affect the industry that they work in with the technology they create. One great example of this is Shaygan Kheradpir, who is a business and technology executive. Shaygan Kheradpir has always understood the importance of technology in business from an early age. Not only has Shaygan Kheradpir made a lot of investments in his own company from a technology stand point, but he encourages others to do so as well. At the end of the day, it is people like Shaygan Kheradpir that continue to move the needle for technology increases in the business world. Over the next couple of years, it will be very exciting to see what types of technology come out and how they will affect different areas of business. A smart company would get on the front end of this change.

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How Beneful can Benefit Your Dog

With so many dog food brands out there, no wonder dog owners are getting overwhelmed on what they should buy. Proper nutrition, taste, texture, all of these are key factors in purchasing dog food. Many times dog foods brand only cover one of these areas to their best. Nutritious dog food but my dogs won’t eat it is one such problem I myself has faced. There is the opposite end of the spectrum too. A dog food my dogs love but it has poor nutritional ingredients. So where does a dog owner turn?

One such brand can encompass all a dog owners wants and needs for their companion. Beneful is a leader in the dog food industry. I as well as many other pet owners decide to use Beneful as our top pick for many reasons. First and foremost the nutritional balance it provides. Packed with all the goodness your dog needs to lead a happy healthy life. Real vegetables are used in the making of Beneful dog food. So when I see pictures of carrots and beans on their package, I know that’s because those ingredients actually do exist in the food. Not only does Beneful provide nutrition, but it has over twenty varieties each of both dry and wet dog food. If your dogs are picky like mine then fear not. There’s so many flavors to choose from you can’t go wrong. Add that they are packed with the ingredients your dogs need and you have a winner!

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I Stopped Using Free Wifi, And I Got A FreedomPop Hotspot

I love using wifi hotspots. I’ll find any restaurant that I know has free wifi, and I’ll even sit in the parking lot, just so I can get on the Internet for free. I didn’t mind having to pay for a hotspot, but all of the companies that sold it in my area, their prices were just too high. I continuously would go from restaurant to restaurant, just so I could have free wifi for my device. I was a little bit ashamed of the fact that I was constantly using free wifi, especially if I didn’t eat in the restaurant or shop in the store that was giving me free wifi.

I annoyed my friend one day when I asked her to stop at a restaurant so I could use the wifi, and after sitting in the hot sun for half an hour using the wifi, she got upset and drove off. I knew that it was time for me to get my own wifi hotspot. I use the Internet a lot because I have a website that I’m trying to maintain, and I’m constantly checking to see what responses have been left about the blogs that I put up. I wanted a wifi hotspot, but I didn’t want the high price.

I had to search around on Wikipedia, but I came across FreedomPop services, and it seemed as if their wifi hotspots were as good as any other. Their hotspots were 4G, they were reliable, and I would have my own secure network. The one thing I can’t say when I’m using the free wifi, is that it’s secure. I decided I was going to get the hotspot for myself, and I went ahead and got it. The FreedomPop hotspot was very simple to set up, and it’s small enough that I can carry it anywhere with me.

No longer do I need to fit in anyone’s parking lot to use their free wifi because now I have my own. If I’m out with my friends and I need to take time to check my website, I just go to any corner of a room, or maybe I’ll go sit under a tree, and I can still have a wifi connection. I love my hotspot, and FreedomPop has great Internet service. The fact that I have lightning fast speeds anywhere I go, it really makes me love FreedomPop even more. Anyone having problems with using free wifi anywhere, they should just get their own hotspot from FreedomPop.

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Joseph Bismark and the Marriage of Spirituality and Business

I consider myself a spiritual person and I am considering starting up my own business due to being one of those that was at the bottom during the economic downturn. In my browsing I started stumbling across articles about Joseph Bismark. One of the aspects of this guy that has stood out to me is that he incorporates spirituality into the way he runs businesses. He is described as a positive and spirited person serving on the Board of Directors in the QI Group. With his spiritual practices, he has showed them how to be at the top of the ladder with the use of spirituality. 

I found his entrepreneurship very powerful as described in this article in which I found at a blog called Just Judy and her Dog. He has been helpful to millions when it comes to making huge profits. He sees the potential for extraordinary things in everyone. His time spent as a monk has taught him a lot of things about life and spirituality. After returning home from his life as a monk, he has decided to take his spirituality into the corporate world where many people would say it doesn’t belong. He has proven that spirituality is not only good for business, but it actually enhances businesses and takes them to the next level. 

He understands the value of many virtues that are considered useless in the business world. Among the virtues that are valued in the business world are humility and a sense of being grounded. After all, one must keep himself in check in order to have continued success. I myself have learned that the hard way.

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An Undercover Cop Got A Big Surprise

When an undercover cop went out to see how people would treat him when he posed as a disabled man in Vancouver, he was surprised by the results of his research. Instead of being taken advantage of, he was treated handy by everyone that he came into contact with during that time. The people that he met treated him well, and some of them even gave him money.
The undercover cop went into the project thinking that people were going to try to take advantage of him. He thought that he was going to encounter some people who were anything but kind, but what he saw was the exact opposite. He got a nice surprise.
News like this is so hopeful. It proves to us that there are still good people in the world. Not everyone out there is just looking out for themselves, but instead there are people who still care about others.

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