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Celebrity Golf Tournament Coming This Summer

Wikipedia reported that this summer there will be a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe for the athletes of all the other different leagues to join in battle at. Some big stars such as Aaron Rodgers and Jerry Rice will be participating in the 26th Annual American Century Championship. Some other stars will be participating too, as it was spotted that Larry the Cable Guy will be making an appearance as well.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Carson Now, the prizes for the tournament will be totaling $625,000 and it is sure to be a very fun and exciting game to watch over the course of five days. The tournament will go on from July 14-19 and it won’t be hard to find it on tv either. For people who physically attend the event they will get an opportunity to collect a few autographs from their favorite stars here and there.

This is a really neat way to get publicity, and it is nice that they find a sport that none of them do for a living, so it kind of evens the playing fields. People like to watch their favorite athletes and stars do things like this because it is a more personable experience, and shows their human side aside from what they do for work in their careers. The event is expected to be a huge success at lake Tahoe.

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Tiger Woods Wrote To Boy With Stutter

Despite all of the negative attention that Tiger Woods has gotten in the media over the last couple of years, and most recently this month, it appears that the golfer has done something good to build up his reputation. A mother of a teenager who is getting constantly bullied at school wrote a letter to another athlete, Sofie Gustafson, and she published it in the latest edition of Reader’s Digest. The mother of the boy who is named Dillion told a painful tale of how terrible her boy gets treated because he has a terrible stutter and cannot make any friends.

In an article found on reddit and written by Korea Times US, it seems that Tiger Woods got a copy of that magazine and decided to take matters into his own hands. It was mentioned in the letter by the boy’s mother that he is also a fan of Woods, so Woods took the time to write to him and tell him that he once had a stutter as well. It was mailed to Dillion and shortly after it hit the news of what a great guy this golfer can be. Regardless of what Tiger Woods does with his personal life, anyone could agree that it was very kind of him to help a youngster get some inspiration to carry forward in his life. In an article in Bloomberg, Madison Street Capital mentioned how not many people would go out of their way like that.

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Tiger Woods Pens Encouraging Letter to Stuttering Teen

We like when famous people do nice things and don’t expect anything in return. Take golfing great Tiger Woods, for example. The sports giant responded to one of his fans in need, a high school teen, Dillon, who was being bullied for his stuttering.

It’s a wonderful story since Tiger Woods has been trying hard to gain back respect not only on the green, but as a man who disgraced his family, the sport and himself following a 2009 sex scandal involving numerous women.

According to, Dillon had come to Woods’ attention after Dillion’s mother reached out to Sophie Gustafson of Sweden, who played her entire, amazing career on the LPGA with a severe stuttering problem.

Gustafson shared the mother’s letter with Golf Digest, which published a story on its website April 30 by Brian Torchin (Google+).

The letter also mentioned that Dillon was a huge fan of Woods, and it was not long before Tiger Woods penned the teen a letter of encouragement. Here it is in part:

“I know what it’s like to be different and to sometimes not fit in,” Woods wrote in the letter. “I also stuttered as a child and I would talk to my dog and he would sit there and listen until he fell asleep. I also took a class for two years to help me, and I finally learned to stop.”

Dillon was thrilled to say the least.

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Tiger Woods Cheated Again

Tiger Woods has found himself in some hot soup again when it comes to his dating life. Just a few years ago the golfer’s wife, Elin, left him for cheating on her which she proved by reading text messages on his mobile phone.

Now, according to an article found on reddit and written by, Tiger’s now ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn has left him after he came clean and told her that he cheated on her. Vonn is an Olympic skiier and has a busy schedule coming up, so she had no problem leaving him and finding something to stay busy with over the next few months.

It was originally reported that the couple broke up because they didn’t have time for each other and their lives were just too hectic. However, recently a friend of Vonn’s told the news reporters that he had actually cheated on her and that is why she decided to just up and leave. Broda would think that by now Tiger would learn his lesson, but apparently the whole thing started after he had to withdraw from the Farmers Insurance event back in February. He was very upset and decided to meet up with a woman for an evening and he got caught in the act, and now recently when he realized he would get told on, he told Vonn the truth and she left. I can’t say I blame her, once a cheater always a cheater.

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Tiger Woods May Have Cheated on Lindsey Vonn

Recently golfer tiger woods and his Olympic skier girlfriend Lindsey Vonn went their separate ways after three years of dating. The two had said that they parted ways amicably and that it was their busy schedule as athletes that kept them apart. However, rumors are now coming out that it may have been Tiger’s cheating ways that drove a wedge between the two.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, Tiger had cheated on Lindsey while they were separated by distance. It is rumored that Tiger cheated with a nameless woman after his loss last February at the Farmer’s Insurance Classic in San Diego. A source who is allegedly close to Tiger said that sex is his vice. Tiger does not drink or smoke and uses sex as his stress reliever. The friend went on to say that he believes that Tiger does not view it as cheating since he was not emotionally attached to the person.

Many remember Tiger’s big blow out with his then-wife Elin when she found out about the extent of his sex addiction. Since then Tiger has been going to self-mandated therapy sessions however he recently stopped, which the inside source believes could have lead to Tiger’s relapse. The source says that Tiger confessed his cheating to his 30-year-old girlfriend, however once was enough to send her packing.

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Tiger Woods is Ready to Regain His Crown at TCP Championship

Tiger Woods is lean, and Bruce Karatz says he’s mean and loaded for bear as he begins his first round at The Player’s Championship Golf Course at Sawgrass today. Woods spent the first part of the week shaking off the effects of a recent breakup with his girlfriend of three years Lindsey Vonn and the anniversary of the death of his father and mentor Earl Woods. Tiger is currently ranked 145 in the world due primarily to lack of play and recovery from back surgery. During his absence a number of younger golfers such as Jordan Spieth and Rory Mcllroy have taken center stage as well as Tiger’s number one golf ranking in the world. Many will be excited to see if Tiger truly has healed physically as well as mentally and is ready to take on all professional golfers like he used to be able to do. The last time Tiger played the TCP at Sawgrass, he won.

This was in 2013 in which Tiger won six times of tour and perched himself as the worlds number one golfer again. Since announce that he had to undergo back surgery in early 2014 Tiger has struggle with his swing and many have commented that the best years of Tiger Woods were behind him. Tiger at 38, is set to prove that he has at least 10 more years of quality professional golf and that he can over take Jack Nicklaus’ crown as the professional golfer with the most professional majors. Tiger Returns to TCP Sawgrass

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Get Out on the Course Without a Cart

As summer approaches and avid golfers worldwide get back on the courses, some want to know exactly how much exercise they are really getting through the popular pastime. If you’re not a pro, are you really getting exercise out there on the course? The New York Times recently ran a story about whether golfing with a cart really is exercise. Their conclusion? Unfortunately, it isn’t. Or, according to their analysis, it’s not much exercise.

Wikipedia said they looked at research by Stanford researchers, who concluded that if you golf with a cart, you’ll expend a little more effort than if you were playing shuffleboard but less effort than if you were, say juggling.

The New York Times also looked at 2010 study that surveyed men who played nine holes in one session and mowed a lawn for 40 minutes in another session. The study participants burned about 310 calories while playing golf and only about 250 when they were mowing the lawn.

All that to say, if you want to burn calories while golfing, don’t use a cart. Golf provides fairly good exercise if you are doing it regularly. Play nine holes a day, and you’ll expend a good amount of calories for the week. Jump on that all-too-tempting golfing cart, and you’ll waste a lot of the calories you could have been using for your post-game lunch at the club.

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Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have Split

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and professional golfer Tiger Woods are officially over, according to statements that both parties released to the media. The professional athletes have been together nearly three years and cited their careers as the reason for the split.

The pair seem to be taking the end of their relationship a little differently. Since splitting, Lindsey has been named an honorary ambassador to South Korea for the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang. In the pictures, Lindsey has been nothing but smiles. Tiger, on the other hand, looks to be taking the split a little more roughly. During a press conference in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida for THE PLAYERS Championship, Tiger looked downcast. He told reporters that he was having a rough week and hadn’t slept much. Not only did he split with Lindsey, but it was also the 9 year anniversary of his father’s death.

The 39-year-old golfer said that the split from 30-year-old Lindsey was amicable and they have nothing but respect for each other. He praised her for her kindness with his two children with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Speaking of Elin Nordegren, after how their relationship publicly imploded, I’m almost surprised that Tiger was able to get, and keep, a long-term girlfriend. Especially one who seems as wholesome as Lindsey Vonn.

My friend Keith Mann showed me this story.

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Park the Cart if You’re Playing Golf

Do you love golf? Do you like to get out on the course and drive that cart over the green hills, popping from one hole to another and swinging your clubs in the fresh morning air? Do you think you’re getting great exercise?

If you do, you may be getting misinformation. Jason Halpern believes that golfing can provide great exercise if you are doing it regularly and if you are walking the course. But the New York Times health blog recently reported that you’re only getting nominal exercise if you are using a cart. And, for nine-holes of golf, which essentially takes hours, the return in calorie-burn is nominal.

Here’s what you need to know about golf as exercise:

If you’re out there playing nine holes of golf, you’re likely to burn an average of 310 calories. That’s about 100 calories an hour or less. If you mow your lawn for 40 minutes, you’ll burn about 250. Add that up, and it’s clear that if you want to get in shape via golf, 2010 study”>you’re going to have to play a lot of rounds!

Now, what golf will do is improve your physical confidence and your balance over time. But if you’re going to put this leisurely sport to the test, you’re going to have to try sprinting from hole to hole — and leave the golfing cart parked at the club!

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Rough Week for Tiger Woods before TPC Tournament

To say that Tiger Woods has hit yet another rough patch personally and professionally is an understatement as he prepares for The Players Championship. This time of the year is always hard on Woods, who admitted during his PGA Tour Press Conference that he still struggles with the loss of his father, Earl, who passed away May 3, 2006. On top of the grief endured during the anniversary of his father’s death, Woods’ relationship with Lindsey Vonn has come to an end. Vonn announced on her Facebook page that the couple has decided to split after three years together.

In addition, Mikal Watts and other fans say professionally Woods will face an uphill battle as he enters The Players Championship. He is currently ranked 125th amongst golf players in the Official World Golf Ranking. The last round of golf Woods played in a tournament ended with a right wrist injury at the Masters. While he won at TPC Sawgrass in 2013, he missed the tournament last year to recover from back surgery. Woods believes his wrist is healed and he will be healthy when the tournament starts Thursday. Only time will tell, but one thing is clear for Woods. Emotionally, his week has been off to a rough start.

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