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Rory McIlroy Hits Lefty, Still Better Than You

Every once in a while you get to see something awesome at a big tournament. Rory McIlroy was responsible for one such moment in the second round of the PGA Grand Slam.

After an awful tee shot on the par-5 17th hole, McIlroy was forced to get a little unorthodox with his hitting. He was forced to go lefty to get anything on the ball.

The shot was a little rough, and it almost looked like he’d need a trip to North American Spine to fix the awkward way he twisted during his swing. But, all in all, probably still better than I can hit the ball. That’s for sure.

Though he might need to buy a new pair of white course trousers. Kind of roughed them up with that lefty shot haha.

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TaylorMade Releases New RSi Irons

TaylorMade has just released their new RSi irons to golf fans worldwide. They offer some pretty unique features that will be of interest to those looking to improve their handicap somewhat. Including the new face slots.

The name even stands for slotted iron, and the entire purpose is to provide a larger and more forgiving sweet spot, so that golfers will be able to hit the ball further, even if they’re slightly off target. The RSi clubs will rescue your swing, and ensure that the power you put behind the ball is still going to get you some good drives. Even if your placement on the tee leaves something to be desired.

The RSi 2 is the real star, and is expected to get a look from the real pros. I’ve been waiting for this day, looking up release info on my phone through my FreedomPop internet. Gonna have to get out to the golf shop and take a few swings. See if I have something that can rescue my approach form…which definitely leaves something to be desired.

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Sang-Moon Bae Stumbles Mightily But Still Manages To Win Open

Sang-Moon Bae had some pretty big problems on the final day of the Open. But his amazing Saturday was still enough to set up the win. He managed to finish the 17th and 18th holes on Saturday with an Eagle-Birdie one two punch. Setting him up with a 4 shot lead.

That would be enough to carry him through, despite some problems out on the course. I was really pulling for him, when I was watching with Marnie Bennett. So I was happy to see him not fail after being in such a good position.

Reminded of when Rory McIlroy completely collapsed at the Masters after having such a great lead going into the final day. He just needed a solid round of golf, and he completely fell apart.