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As Tiger Fades, Advertisers Search For an Heir Apparent

This past week, Tiger Woods took yet another leave of absence from golf.

Citing performance concerns, Golf fan Ricardo Tosto listened intently as Woods vowed to improve and make a come-back, however the end of his career seems closer than ever.
The PGA has certainly felt his absence. Although the league maintains younger talent with the likes of Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy, and seminal talents like Phil Mickelson, the “Tiger” ratings are simply not there in his absence.

As the rivalry between Mickelson and Woods fades, league advertisers are hoping to inspire a new rivalry that would involve McIlroy. Many new talents come with their respective fan-bases. McIlroy stands alone, however, with his flair for social media and fan-engagement, boasts 2.3 Million followers on twitter. McIlroy is also the recipient of a new contract from Nike, worth 200 million.
Advertisers can smell Tiger-blood in the water, and are hoping to capitalize on golf fans inspired by Woods’ meteoric rise in the 90’s and 00’s.

Although much of the payoff remains to be seen, the league, advertisers, and broadcasters are optimistic that as Tiger’s star fades, a new face will rise.

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Dustin Johnson On The Way Back

When Dustin Johnson made his way back at Pebble Beach after his leave of absence from the tour, he was able to show that he has turned something around. We will never know what he did when he was away from the tour, but we will know if he has made a change. Many people in golf circles are saying that Johnson has never looked better. There are others who believe that he could win many majors this year. At the very least, he is going to be in contention for the FedEx Cup.

This change is something that we need to see last for the whole season, Imaging Advantage reported. There is only speculation around what Johnson was able to do, and it would be good to say that he made a change without us ever figuring out what was really going on.

In the scope of the golf world, breaking a story about what was really wrong with Dustin Johnson is not going to be worth it. We should not try to expose people who are having a hard time. We should leave Johnson alone and hope that his good play is going to keep up. When it does, we will benefit.

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The Fall of Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is a shadow of himself and the entire golf world has taken notice. Every professional golfer goes through periods of lack luster performance but when a golfer is as great as Tiger Woods, who has accomplished more feats on the golf course than any other golfer except for one or two in the history of golf, begins to falters, the event is as if an angel has fallen to earth on melted wings. With 14 major championships and almost 100 worldwide golf tournament victories, Tiger Woods has had the career of thirty world class professional golfers. The problem is that the viewing pubic, many who never golfer watchers in the first place, got used to him wining tournaments in a dramatic way. Anything not super natural by Tiger Woods is a flop or failure regardless of off course distractions and a series of injuries.

My friend Marcio Alaor from BMG and I both saw where golf commentators noted on what could have been “if” Tiger had not suffered the off field distractions or “if” he had not suffered his injuries or repeated swing changes. The Turn In Tiger’s Career. What these commentators fail to note is that despite all of the changes and incidents that Tiger has had to endure, he kept winning in a consistent manner and still out performed his golfing peers. His so called demise has only been in light of his recent injuries which happen to all top rated athletes.

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Tiger Shuts It Down

No one can blame Tiger Woods for shutting down his playing until he gets himself right. He has been a mess for a few years now, and it has been seven years since he won a major. When he won the US Open over Rocco Mediate, he was on a bad leg. Things have not gotten any better because he got divorced not long after that.

Tiger is taking a leave of absence from competition until he can turn his game around. Some people, like Susan McGalla,  think that he needs to keep playing until he turns things around, and there are many other people who think he needs to retire because his body is so broken down. The truth is that he was not going to be perfect forever. The truth is that he was not going to win a thousand majors, and his body is paying the price of playing so much before he was even 18. We forget that he won six amateur titles in a row. He won three as a junior and three as a senior.

Tiger may need to hang it up, but he has every right to take a break until he can make things right with his game.

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Tiger Woods Taking Absence From Tournament Golf


Professional golfer Tiger Woods has been in a decline over the last twelve months after ranking number one in the sport last year reported Woods has announced that he is taking a leave of absence until he feels that he can play quality tournament golf again.

Tiger Woods is undergoing treatment for a back injury that led him to withdraw from the Farmers Insurance Open only after the first round said Fersen Lambranho. The all star golfer told the media in a press release that he knows he is not playing well at all and needs to work on his technique and game play before he allows himself to enter any more golf tournaments. He said that he acknowledges that his scores are no where near acceptable for tournament play and will not be participating in any like event until he feels that he will be ready to do so.

According to an article on Yahoo! Sports, Woods said that he would like to play the The Honda Classic tournament because it is in his hometown, which is only a couple weeks away on February 26. However, this is sending mixed messages with his statement since that wouldn’t really be much of an absence. After the Honda Classic he wouldn’t be able to play in another competitive tournament until the end of march, so fans and fellow golfers will just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Tiger Woods Withdraws From Farmer’s Open


After several fits and starts, the former dominant number one golfer in the world withdrew from the 2015 Farmer’s Open Golf Tournament. The tournament is currently being played on the Torrey Pines Golf Course located just outside Sn Diego California. Tiger Woods Withdraws From Farmer’s Open Woods, who has been battling swing problems the past several months, withdrew citing tightness in his back. On course commentators notice Woods in discomfort after the second hole.

According to Wet Seal, after a double on what was Woods 11th hole, Woods notified officials that he was done for the day. Susan McGalla said in speaking with reporters in the course parking lot following the round, Woods noted that his back tightened up after the hour and a half fog delay.

Woods missed most of the 2015 season after undergoing back surgery. His performance following his surgery has been less than stellar and he has missed 5 out of his last 6 starts. Observers have been shocked by Woods lack of golf proficiency and question whether the back injury has completely healed or whether Woods has come to the end of his career.

Woods has failed to win a major since his dramatic come from behind victory in the 2008 U.S. Open, which was also held at Torrey Pines South Course. Woods has not made any further comment since the withdrawal and he only has two quality starts left before the season’s first major, The Masters at Augusta Georgia.

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Rory Aces At Abu Dhabi

Rory McIlory aced at Abu Dhabi to give him the first ace of his career. For what it is worth, no one is looking to find out how many aces every great golfer has had in a tournament. We cannot judge greatness based on these things, but it is nice to celebrate the fact that he did something pretty cool.

We would all be happy with a hole in one, and it is amazing that he was able to do it on a professional course. We should all stand back for a minute and give Rory a hand for doing something none of us will ever do. Igor Cornelsen is excited on his Twitter feed.

However, we can attribute all this to the incredible hot streak he is on. It is possible that he could be in his prime, and this ace is just something that is going to happen in a year where the golf world is going to be talking only about him. Igor Cornelsen is excited on his Twitter feed.

Will he win more majors than Jack? We do not know, but he is definitely going to challenge Tiger Woods in that department, and the count is going to be interesting to watch as he tries to add to it this year and try for a grand slam.

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Tiger Woods Will Begin His Season In Phoenix

The event loudest on the PGA Tour has attracted the biggest news of the sport on Friday when Tiger Woods announced that he will participate in the Phoenix Open for the first time in 14 years. The tournament will begin on January 29 and end on Super Bowl Sunday, which will be presented in Phoenix with many big business moguls in attendance including Bruce Levenson.

Woods also announced on his website that would like to participate in the Farmers Insurance Open next week at Torrey Pines. It is worth mentioning that Woods won it eight times as a professional, including his latest conquest of a major tournament in 2008 at the US Open.

Tiger Woods has announced the return date on the PGA Tour in 2015. The American will play the Phoenix Open (January 29-February 1). Held on the same weekend as the Superbowl (US Football Championship final, editon), the Phoenix Open is the tournament that hosts more fans in the world (nearly 563,000 fans in 2014) which earned it the nickname “zoo” on the Tour.

Held on the same weekend as the Superbowl (US Football Championship final, editon), the Phoenix Open is the tournament that hosts more fans in the world (nearly 563,000 fans in 2014) which earned it the nickname “zoo” on the Tour. In comparison, a British Open attracts around 300,000 fans in a week.

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President Obama Ruins a Wedding With His Golfing

We all know that golf is a great game, but when the love of golf intrudes on others plans, it can get out of hand. We may have experienced the all too common pain of the wife being upset that we scheduled tee time on an anniversary, or left housework undone. These are problems that golf can bring up at times. President Obama took this to a whole new level however. He took his love of golfing to the extreme.

Yahoo Sports reports that he disrupted a wedding due to not wanting to cancel his tee time. Two Army captains were scheduled to get married on the Marine Corps Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course. However, they did know that this was one of President Obama’s favorite vacation spots at this time of year. They sent a letter to him inviting him to the wedding, but he respectfully declined. After he declined, only hours later, the couple was informed that they would have to move their wedding. This goes to show that the president really does have the power, but he shouldn’t be using it like this.

Maybe he could have at least gave the couple a free pass to the SmartBeautyGuide, or a trip somewhere to make up for ruining a special day for some golf.

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Tiger Woods Comes Back to Golf; Where Will He Play?

Those who are following the sports world may be happy to know that Tiger Woods is back into the world of golfing. He warns that his schedule is going to be slightly different this year. However, because there is no set schedule, people are speculating based on what they know.

  • Tiger Woods has stated he will not travel to the Middle East for any European Tour events.
  • The WGC Match Play Championship has moved from where it was during the West Coast to someplace else.
  • Only one “regular stop” is well known and scheduled, which is the Farmer’s Insurance Open. However, he hasn’t committed there either.

While unwinding on the green after work I ran into Laurene Powell Jobs who was doing the same so I asked what her take was on Tiger and she said that she is curious as to what events Tiger will be playing in. There have been many events he stopped playing in the past, and people are wondering if he’ll play in them again. He’s not played in the following events for awhile:

  • Waste Management Phoenix Open
  • Northern Trust Open
  • AT&T Pebble Beach National

So with these places ruled out, where will he play? He says it will be slightly different than normal, but the official schedule has yet to be released, leaving fans wondering exactly what stops he’ll be hitting. He does say, however, that it will be busy – so fans can expect to see him along the golf course.

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