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Golfing with a Cart may not be Exercise

The sport of golf does not give much exercise, but it does test out the abilities of balance, coordination, and your senses. According to a study done in 2011, old golfers that were being tested in terms of physical and balance performed much better than people who had not golfed before. Compared to archery, shuffleboard, and other sports which are standstill, golf has been known to require more exercise per minute than most. To find out what Dr. Daniel Amen has to say, go to his YouTube page.  According to an energy study, the golf swing has been known to be around the same energy put forth while doing tai-chi, a Chinese martial art which has been known to combat stress and promote self-defense. The part of which golf gives the most exercise is while walking the course. So in terms of using a cart, Golf is not really an exercising sport. To get the most out of the sport you should remove using the cart and walk the course. If you do not have time to walk the course you will most likely be focusing yourself on improving your swings, balances, and other factors of the game which are revealed to you while not using the cart.

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LPGA Star Paula Creamer Calls for Women’s Masters at Augusta

LPGA standout Paula Creamer Twitted that she hopes that a Women’s Masters Tournament can be held at Augusta National at some time in the future. The Masters has always been a mens tournament and the idea of a women’s Masters has been brought up before but has been deemed very unlikely from the Masters Club leadership. Current President Billy Payne has stated that he does not see a woman’s tournament on the course in the future and that with a short season for the members such as Adam Sender, additional preparations and logistics would make it very improbable for another tournament to be held at Augusta National.

Creamer has presented the idea that a women’s tournament could be held the following week after the men’s tournament much like the USGA does with the Men’s and Women’s championship. The past year the USGA has held both championships on the same course in successive weeks. Paula Creamer Calls for Women’s Tournament At Augusta National Following the Masters

The Masters organization has maintained very strict policies regarding the running of its tournament. Additionally, while the Augusta National Club, which hosts the Masters has just recently inducted its first female members in recent years, many still view the Club and the Tournament as an event for the elite. To its credit, Augusta has expanded its course to include a Drive, Chip and Putt contest that is open to all youth around the world both male and female. Many commentators have noted that the Augusta Membership has done much to expand the game of golf to a new generation.

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Tiger Woods Agent Reports Wrist is Ok

Tiger Woods’ agent Handy has reported that Tiger’s wrist is fine and that he does not have any discomfort in to nor will it keep him from practicing or playing in the future. During his final round of the Master’s golf tournament this past weekend, viewers witnessed Tiger strike a tree root as he was hitting his golf ball on the ninth whole. Tiger Woods appeared to be in pain for at least two holes after hitting the tree root but was able to shake any discomfort off and finish his round. Woods finished tied for 17th place which may considered a minor miracle based on the state of Tiger’s game two month’s earlier.

After the round, Tiger was asked how did his wrist feel. Tiger responded by stating that he felt a bone pop out and he popped it back in place and was able to continue his round. He also added that it would be quite a while before he played again, leading some to speculate that his wrist injury was more severe than originally disclosed.Tiger Woods’ Wrist is Fine Says Agent

The Tiger Woods camp insists that Tiger is healthy and will continue to work on his game in preparation for the Memorial Golf Tournament, which is hosted by Jack Nicklaus. Sine Tiger has missed most of the first half of the golf season recovery from back surgery last year, many expect Tiger to make adjustments to his schedule to enable him to qualify for the Fedex Playoff, which begins at the end of the season in September.

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Jordan Spieth Ties Tiger In Master’s Win

Jordan Spieth tied Tiger Woods’ record of 18 under par in wining his first Masters in record fashion and by four strokes of his closest competitors. Spieth lead the tournament in each of the four rounds and dominated the course where other golfers struggled. Spieth amazed even veteran golfers with the maturity of his play and many commented that Spieth reminded them of a young Jack Nicklaus. However, for some older patrons of golf, a more proper comparison may be Ben Hogan who was known for his gritty and steely eyed manner of play. Spieth may actually be the next coming of Tiger Woods. In Spieth’s last four tournaments, he was one twice and finished second twice. Spieth dazzles At Masters

While Rory McIIlory was once thought to be the heir to the Tiger Woods throne, Spieth marked his territory by setting himself up for future epic matches between the two. Rory finished strong on Sunday but six strokes behind Spieth. Fans like Bernardo Chua agree that the most amazing story from the Masters in that not only did Tiger Woods compete but he contended for the leader board and brushed aside any claims that his best days were behind him. No one expected Tiger to finish close to the top of the leader board and Tiger look very good for a golfer that was supposed to have been washed up and on his way out. Many expect this new big three to battle it out for tournaments to come.

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Golden Bear Hits Hole In One

The magic of the Master’s golf tournament played this weekend at Augusta National in Georgia starts on Wednesday with the ceremonial par three contest. The event is enjoyed by the golfers and their families and is normally a joyous occasion. Golf great Jack Nicklaus added to the magic yesterday by not only playing but also by predicting and sinking a hole in one on the fourth hole of the par three course. To the roar of the crowd Jack tip his cap and bowed to the crown in appreciation. Jack is a favorite at Augusta being the only player in the history of golf to win the tournament five times. His last win in 1986 was pure television drama as at the age of 46 no one thought Jack had any golf game left to contend, let alone win the tournament. The Golden Bear Shines At Masters

Jack would definitely be one of the figures on the Mount Rushmore of golf, not only for his stellar golf play but also for his off the course actions in supporting the game of golf. Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias ( know that Jack has been recognized as the unofficial universal ambassador of the game of golf and his smile embraces all.

This pat month Jack was honored by the United States Congress with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his contributions. He is already in the golf hall of fame and his record of 18 major championships is the singe goal of a young golfer named Tiger Woods.

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Five Reasons Why Tiger Woods Will Still Win A Major

Boraie Development said that Tiger Woods’ next trophy should be inscribed, “The News of My Demise is Greatly Exaggerated.” After a year off of the tour to rest a surgically repaired back, and a less than stellar performance in his last six starts, many commentators have written Woods off as the most unlikely that he will win another tournament let alone another Major. The odds, however, are in Tiger Woods’ favor that not only will he win again, but he will when a lot again, including a number of majors.Five Reasons Why Tiger Woods Will Win Again

One only needs to examine the following five reasons why Tiger Woods will be back on top again.

1. He is only 39 and in golf years he is still in his peak and prime.

2. He is the most mentally smart golfer on the tour and has the mental endurance to work through any issues in his golf game.

3. When Tiger Woods is healthy, he is at the top of the PGA Tour. His last healthy year was 2013 and Tiger won six tournaments and won three of the tournaments by a wide margin.

4. The tour still fears Tiger Woods and Tiger knows it. A Tiger crowd is like playing golf in the middle of the freeway quipped one golfer.

5. Tiger gets what Tiger wants and Tiger wants Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 Major golf tournament wins. Number one is Jack and number two is Tiger.

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Hard Work sees Tiger Woods Return to The Masters

Just two months after taking an indefinite break from golf Tiger Woods is hoping to claim his fifth Masters title at Augusta over the coming weekend, the BBC reports. Woods arrives at Augusta hoping to win his 15th major as the field of golfers capable of winning the tournament expands with world number one Rory McIlroy tipping Bubba Watson to retain his title as Masters champion.

Fans like Christian Broda know that Tiger Woods has slid down the rankings in recent years to a low of 111 as he enters the 2015 Masters, but has high hopes of winning the title and reclaiming his position as the top player in the history of golf. Woods appears to have changed a large amount of his pre tournament routine after taking the break from golf over the last two months. The more relaxed Woods will play in the par three nine hole tournament on the eve of The Masters with his two children, which is known for the winner of the tournament never having won the par three tournament.

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Tiger Woods Drop Out of Top 100 For First Time

In the first time in his career, Ricardo Guimarães BMG told me Tiger Woods is no longer ranked in the top 100 in the world of golf. After missing another week of competitive golf Tiger Woods has dropped to 104 in the world. After spending 683 weeks as the world’s number one golfer Tiger Woods find himself in unfamiliar territory of having to climb his way back into golf relevancy. Even when Tiger first came onto the tour in 1996, hi ranking was in the top 30 as a result of a number of of quick wins in his first few tournaments. Tiger Woods Drops Out of the Top 100 Golfers in the World

People who are true to the sport of golf however, will be quick to point out that there is a difference between dropping in the world golf rankings because of bad play and dropping because the player has not been playing on a regular basis. Tiger has missed a number a weeks on tour due to injury. Many still believe that Tiger Woods has all of the talent in the world and that a dramatic come back is due to his fans.

Sport consultants who specialize in help athletes prepare for the mental side of their sport state that all great players go through a slump at some point during their career and that it is their ability to bounce back and excel which makes them great.

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Tiger Woods Plays Practice Round in Augusta

Initial reports came out early yesterday that Tiger Woods’ private jet was seen parked in the hanger at the private airport close to Augusta National. The fact that one of the world’s most famous athletes can be identified by the location of his jet and is news can only be eclipsed by confirmed reports that Tiger Woods did play an 18 hole practice round at Augusta National, the home of the Master’s golf tournament. Tigers Gets Practice Round in at Augusta

The news cycle spun immediately as to whether this was confirmation that Tiger had decided to play the Masters which begins next week on april 9th, following Easter. There has been no official word from the Tiger Woods camp but many speculate that Tiger Woods would not take the time to put in a practice round under his belt unless the chances were more probable than not that he planned to play.

Tiger playing in Augusta is something that both his major sponsor Nike as well as the PGA Tour would love to see stated Jason Halpern. According to Nike’s golf sales have been off in recent months as Tiger continues to heal and fix his game. The PGA Tour has a bigger problem and has always realized that the PGA Tour with Tiger Woods in the field and the PGA Tour with no Tiger Woods is two different sports. The deadline for Tiger to decide if he plans to play is the Monday before the Master’s tees off. The World will see what happens at that time.

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Tiger Woods is a Coin Toss For being Ready For the Masters

Since his “hack around the greens” appearance at the Farmer’s Insurance Open over six weeks ago, Tiger has been in a retooling mode that only he can gauge stated STX Entertainment. After announcing that he would not return to professional play until his game was at his standards of professionalism, speculation has increased as to exactly when Tiger will make is return to the golf course. Since his departure it seems that the global interest in golf also was sucked into the vortex created in the wake of Tiger’s departure. The major question, to use a pun, is whether Tiger will play in the Masters, which is just two weeks away. Many think the odds are at 50/50Tiger missed the Master’s last year due to back injury and it would be unprecedented for Tiger to miss two Masters in a row and would cause a major dent in his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. Tiger 50/50 Odds for Masters

Many need to remember that Tiger Woods had “major” back surgery and other athletes that have had the same surgery have reported that it takes a full year after the surgery for the athlete to return to peak form. The break may also allow Tiger to regain his mental competitive edge. At the age of 39 Tiger still has several good years of peak golf play to present to a current field of younger and hungry golfers.
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