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Rory Aces At Abu Dhabi

Rory McIlory aced at Abu Dhabi to give him the first ace of his career. For what it is worth, no one is looking to find out how many aces every great golfer has had in a tournament. We cannot judge greatness based on these things, but it is nice to celebrate the fact that he did something pretty cool.

We would all be happy with a hole in one, and it is amazing that he was able to do it on a professional course. We should all stand back for a minute and give Rory a hand for doing something none of us will ever do. Igor Cornelsen is excited on his Twitter feed.

However, we can attribute all this to the incredible hot streak he is on. It is possible that he could be in his prime, and this ace is just something that is going to happen in a year where the golf world is going to be talking only about him. Igor Cornelsen is excited on his Twitter feed.

Will he win more majors than Jack? We do not know, but he is definitely going to challenge Tiger Woods in that department, and the count is going to be interesting to watch as he tries to add to it this year and try for a grand slam.

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Tiger Woods Will Begin His Season In Phoenix

The event loudest on the PGA Tour has attracted the biggest news of the sport on Friday when Tiger Woods announced that he will participate in the Phoenix Open for the first time in 14 years. The tournament will begin on January 29 and end on Super Bowl Sunday, which will be presented in Phoenix with many big business moguls in attendance including Bruce Levenson.

Woods also announced on his website that would like to participate in the Farmers Insurance Open next week at Torrey Pines. It is worth mentioning that Woods won it eight times as a professional, including his latest conquest of a major tournament in 2008 at the US Open.

Tiger Woods has announced the return date on the PGA Tour in 2015. The American will play the Phoenix Open (January 29-February 1). Held on the same weekend as the Superbowl (US Football Championship final, editon), the Phoenix Open is the tournament that hosts more fans in the world (nearly 563,000 fans in 2014) which earned it the nickname “zoo” on the Tour.

Held on the same weekend as the Superbowl (US Football Championship final, editon), the Phoenix Open is the tournament that hosts more fans in the world (nearly 563,000 fans in 2014) which earned it the nickname “zoo” on the Tour. In comparison, a British Open attracts around 300,000 fans in a week.

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President Obama Ruins a Wedding With His Golfing

We all know that golf is a great game, but when the love of golf intrudes on others plans, it can get out of hand. We may have experienced the all too common pain of the wife being upset that we scheduled tee time on an anniversary, or left housework undone. These are problems that golf can bring up at times. President Obama took this to a whole new level however. He took his love of golfing to the extreme.

Yahoo Sports reports that he disrupted a wedding due to not wanting to cancel his tee time. Two Army captains were scheduled to get married on the Marine Corps Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course. However, they did know that this was one of President Obama’s favorite vacation spots at this time of year. They sent a letter to him inviting him to the wedding, but he respectfully declined. After he declined, only hours later, the couple was informed that they would have to move their wedding. This goes to show that the president really does have the power, but he shouldn’t be using it like this.

Maybe he could have at least gave the couple a free pass to the SmartBeautyGuide, or a trip somewhere to make up for ruining a special day for some golf.

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Tiger Woods Comes Back to Golf; Where Will He Play?

Those who are following the sports world may be happy to know that Tiger Woods is back into the world of golfing. He warns that his schedule is going to be slightly different this year. However, because there is no set schedule, people are speculating based on what they know.

  • Tiger Woods has stated he will not travel to the Middle East for any European Tour events.
  • The WGC Match Play Championship has moved from where it was during the West Coast to someplace else.
  • Only one “regular stop” is well known and scheduled, which is the Farmer’s Insurance Open. However, he hasn’t committed there either.

While unwinding on the green after work I ran into Laurene Powell Jobs who was doing the same so I asked what her take was on Tiger and she said that she is curious as to what events Tiger will be playing in. There have been many events he stopped playing in the past, and people are wondering if he’ll play in them again. He’s not played in the following events for awhile:

  • Waste Management Phoenix Open
  • Northern Trust Open
  • AT&T Pebble Beach National

So with these places ruled out, where will he play? He says it will be slightly different than normal, but the official schedule has yet to be released, leaving fans wondering exactly what stops he’ll be hitting. He does say, however, that it will be busy – so fans can expect to see him along the golf course.

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Tiger Back on the Prowl

Arguably no athlete in the world has more impact on their sport than Tiger Woods. The golfing world tuned in yesterday to see the 14 time major champion play his first competitive round since August. Yes, Tiger looked rusty. Yes, Tiger shot a 5 over 77. Yes, Tiger is in last place. No, none of that matters. It is just great to have him back.

Playing in his Hero World Challenge, Tiger brings fans, ratings and excitement back to golf and Qnet has plenty of good deals on Hero World Challenge and Tiger Fan t-shirts, hats, and other accessories. Fortunately for us and Tiger this is a no cut event and guarantees us four rounds of Tiger.

It will take some time to know how well this iteration of Tiger will stack up to the standard he has set for himself. With young guns like Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler patrolling the fairway, and the Masters just four months away, Tiger has his work cut out for him.

Hopefully injury will not rear its ugly head, the swing will come together and golf fans will be treated to vintage Tiger one more time.

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Tiger Woods Looks Good in His Return

It has been four months since Tiger Woods has played golf in a competitive environment after a nagging back injury caused him to miss the cut at the 2014 PGA Championship, but he looked good at his most recent pro-am.

During Wednesday’s pro-am, Tiger Woods made three birdies and one bogey at Isleworth Golf Club, where he is hosting the Hero World Challenge this week, his first event since the PGA Championship. What may have been more telling at the pro-am, Tiger only missed four fairways and two greens. Woods had problems last season with missing fairways and greens, which led to a winless season. Woods has been working with a new swing consultant, Chris Como, who was hired after Sean Foley and Woods split in August.

Brad Reifler says it remains to be seen just how good Woods can look with his new swing, but this week’s event should give everyone a gauge at what to expect in the 2015 season. If Woods can stay healthy, he should be able to win a few tournaments and contend for majors again, needing four to tie Jack Nicklaus record of 18 major wins. He is still the best player when healthy, and a healthy Tiger is a healthy golf.

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Charlie Sifford Gets Honored

We may not know who Charlie Sifford is, but he’s famous in the golf world. On Monday, he and other members in the entertainment world were awarded the Presidential Metal of Freedom award by President Obama. President Obama has made a statement about the 92 year old.

Charlie Sifford started playing professional golf when he was 17. Since he was barred from the PGA based on his color, he didn’t give up. Even though he isn’t a huge golf fan, Sultan Alhokair admires that he did that. Prior to this, he won the Negro National Open six times, and five times during his height of his career. He finally got membership to the PGA in 1961- 20 years after he was barred. He continued to play the sport he loved and won the PGA title in 1967 and 1969.

Sifford feels the golf world is tough and has very few blacks playing, but it’s important to be out there. In 2004 he became the first African-American to be indicted in the Golf Hall of Fame. Now that he’s a recipient of the highest honor, he proved that anyone can face adversity and hard times to get doors open for others to play what you love.

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Woods Blasts Golf Digest over Faked Interview

Tiger Woods came out to deny that satirical interview published in the latest edition of Golf Digest. The interview was published by the legendary journalist, Dan Jenkins.

The former world number 1 said that the journalist faked the interview to embarrass him and taint his image. If true, Susan McGalla is certainly just one fan not happy. The athlete said that Jenkins was just stooping too low ethically and professionally with the article.

The satirical piece attacked Woods in several ways, alleging that the athlete is cheap, treats his friends poorly and likes to dismiss people who work for him.

Most of the interview was rather tame and did not attack the athlete in a more direct way. However, Woods will not buy into that. He said that in most cases, athletes like to laugh at such stories and dismiss them but at the end of the day, the media will scrutinize the artist based on such allegations.

Woods and Jenkins are not new to controversy. In 2010, the journalist wrote about his desire to interview the 14 time champion. Jenkins has always complained that the former No. 1 has never given him much face time in his playing career. The journalist said that the only response he got after trying to invite Woods for a Q&A session was: “we have nothing to gain” from the player’s agent.

Golf Digest has been critical of Woods after partying ways with the publication in 2011. Tiger feels that this criticism is unfair because he was highly regarded when he worked for the magazine.

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Ted Bishop Removed As President of the PGA

Was it a sexist post or was it an overreaction on the PGA’s part? On Friday, Ted Bishop was removed as president of the PGA of America for comments made on social media directed at British Golfer Ian Poulter. Bishop reportedly took exception to comments Poulter made in his book about Nick Faldo and Tom Watson, who served as Ryder Cup captains in 2008 and 2014 respectively. Poulter posted on Facebook, “Really? Sounds like a little school girl squealing during recess. C’MON MAN!” He also issued a Tweet calling Poulter a “Lil Girl.”

The PGA board voted to remove Bishop from his post, the first time this has happened in the organization’s history. Bishop did apologize to his two daughters for his comments, as well as “anyone else I might have offended.”

In Poulter’s book, he questioned some of Watson’s decision making during the most recent Ryder Cup, and also disagreed with Faldo’s comments that golfer Sergio Garcia was useless. Bishop’s comments included a comparison of Watson’s and Faldo’s records to Poulter’s.

The PGA board said the comments were not consistent with its policies. References like “crying like a schoolgirl” or “crying like a four year old that skinned his/her knee” have been around for a long time. Let’s face it. Both boys and girls at very young ages cry and through tantrums, some more than others. Are comments like that truly sexist? Would they be considered sexist had Bishop called Poulter a “baby boy?”

Although being fired is pretty harsh, Christian Broda thought the decision was justified.  I’d have to agree with him.  Not impressed with Bishop on this one.  Not at all.

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Golf Courses Adding Larger Holes To Make Golf More Appealing

Unfortunately, with the masses golf has been on the decline for the past few years. That’s really been felt by golf courses, who have been suffering. While it’s great for avid golfers like Ken Griffin, it’s not so good for people that are trying to make a profit.

So the courses have come up with a new solution to attract people to the game: Bigger holes.

One of the problems is that golf is extremely frustrating. Getting good at golf is difficult, and requires a loooooooot of free time to spend on the course. Also requires a lot of money so that you can buy the best possible clubs, tailored to your unique build.

However, not a lot of people can do those things, so the solution is in larger holes, according to some courses. As you can see above, the holes are larger than a dinner plate, which sort of ruins the whole point of the game of golf.

I understand some courses are suffering, but I don’t know that this is the way to get people more involved with golf. I would focus on making it fun, and inclusive, more than just making the game way too easy.


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